Day 28: SEO and The AddThis Button

Happy Monday,

Today I added the AddThis widget – Like, Tweet, +1, Share, oh my – to see how it’ll indirectly affect my SEO. I’m trying out AddThis with hope for improvement against my default Blogger sharing button that used to be at the bottom of my posts. It supposedly is great at bookmarking and sharing content throughout the Internet along with good analytics. An intention of mine with adding it is to reach more Web sites holding communities within their domain such as Diggreddit, StumbleUpon, etc., to connect with SEO niches within these sites. Seems like it’s worth a shot.

Wish me luck,

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Day 27: SEO and A Wedding

Hello friends,

Yesterday I went to see my buddy Glen, marry his new wife, Camille, in Hermann, Missouri. The ceremony and reception were awesome. As far as SEO goes, I had my first occasion to talk about SEO face-to-face with friends and strangers, working in SEO or not, which was such a contrast to my past five months (see XYDO, etc., than learn about them to help my communication with others (advertising major FAIL.) SEO and social media are great tactics but I need to start looking for another career if I forget to serve people – friends, grandmas, CEOs, nurses, you – first. Yesterday was a mental note for me that strategically sound advertising and its newest tactics of SEO and social media should always help people first.

Thanks for reading,

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Day 26: Searching for SEO

I hope you’re enjoying your weekend,

SEO is a great subject to learn because you can search for any almost every answer you need to find using search engines. Following traditional learning approaches are important such as books and classes but sifting through search engines and Web sites are superhighways to learn SEO on your own.

Word of mouth from friends led me to my interest in SEO, then I started searching for answers to begin a career in SEO. People with careers in SEO are really helpful: Web sites, blogs, videos, infographics, podcasts…you name it, someone probably has an answer to assist a beginner learn SEO.

SEO seems to be a fairly open career to step into: a fact differing from my attempt to find a job in other lines of work since graduating. With my foundation in advertising, along with passion and inquiry to translate it into SEO, I hope SEO still has its door opened wide enough to squeeze my foot through in the very near future.

Thanks for reading,

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Day 25: It’s SEO, Not Rocket Science

SEO boosts a Web site’s visibility in cyberspace. Rocket science boosts rockets into outer space.

My opinion is SEO novices will have a harder time grasping SEO at first glance just as rocket scientist novices will have a harder time grasping rocket science at first glance yet both are learnable.

SEO affects every human using search engines (my rough estimate is a few billion), whereas rocket science only affects a few hundred or thousand humans.

I know I can SEO and enjoy it. I know I can’t be a rocket scientist (I’m not too much of a numbers guy). Rocket science would never blast off the career launch pad for me. I’m taking on SEO so my career can take off.

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Day 24: My Blog’s Redesign With SEO In Mind

Good morning,

I want to talk about my recent redesign of my blog to improve my SEO. I peered over to Google’s Webmaster Central blog and took a few hints from their design to see if I could add some of their elements to improve my blog’s visibility and impact. Site content is king for SEO but I should at least make it look pretty. Here are the features I improved or added:

  • My Navbar, at the very top of my blog.
    • It’s now black, which should help you all see it better. The Navbar allows you to visit Blogger’s home page, search BloggerFollow my blog, Share my blog, Report Abuse (which will never happen from my blog, right? Right.), and move to the randomly chosen, Next Blog.
  • Search Box, positioned at the top right-hand corner.
    • I put this here to help you all search for whatever you may be wondering about from my blog. SEO contains a lot of jargon that even I’m learning so a search box should help all of us out.
  • Translation Box, just below the Search Box.
    • I put this here for all of my international readers. You can also translate it to many languages to understand, learn or just for fun. It’s really humbling when you see your own words in languages outside of English.
  • Subscription Box, just below the Translation Box.
    • I put this here to make it easier for readers to keep reading my blog. The first option is from FeedBurner, which is a great path stay updated with my blog. All you need to do is press it to subscribe. The second option is adding my blog to your iGoogle or Google Reader. Both help search engines index and crawl my blog, along with thwarting godawful spammers, which is a great benefit to SEO.
  • My Three-columned Layout. I put my personal information on the left side, posts in the middle and new features and archive on the right side for better organization and navigation.

I hope my improved design makes my blog much more readable and enjoyable for you all.

Have a good day,
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