Day 25: It’s SEO, Not Rocket Science

SEO boosts a Web site’s visibility in cyberspace. Rocket science boosts rockets into outer space.

My opinion is SEO novices will have a harder time grasping SEO at first glance just as rocket scientist novices will have a harder time grasping rocket science at first glance yet both are learnable.

SEO affects every human using search engines (my rough estimate is a few billion), whereas rocket science only affects a few hundred or thousand humans.

I know I can SEO and enjoy it. I know I can’t be a rocket scientist (I’m not too much of a numbers guy). Rocket science would never blast off the career launch pad for me. I’m taking on SEO so my career can take off.

About John Wiehe

Start-up SEO. Mizzou J-school grad. Eagle Scout. Learn more about me at Google+, +John Wiehe.
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