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My SEO skills have increased to the nth degree since moving from Blogger to WordPress this past month. A big lesson I learned from SEO was I was swimming upstream with Blogger from the start so I made the change for the better by switching to WordPress. I’m glad to know the SEO fundamentals before learning of WordPress. WordPress will take some time and effort to work out its kinks but will also roll once I iron their own quirky SEO wrinkles out.

Boom town,

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My SEO Web Site Revisions

I’m happy to put in two improvements – a new title, URL tags and meta descriptions – for the sake of my site’s SEO today. My past five weeks of starting this site was more involved with Web building and deciphering HTML over SEO. I can now focus my energy to SEO (thankfully) as there’s not too much building for me to do.

  1. John Wiehe’s Start-up SEO replaces my old title, Why Am I Doing This?
    • It gives a better understanding of what I set my site out for.
  2. I finally put in URL tags.
  3. I also finally put in meta descriptions.

I’m excited to see how much these tweaks will help my SEO out,

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Day 30: My Challenging 30-Day SEO Challenge

Hello for one last time,

I finished my 30 days of taking on SEO but am nowhere close to being finished. I know I’ve only begun but am also pumped to take all my learning since July 26 and use it to help start my career in SEO, with the help of my first two clients. I’m shifting my efforts to my clients’ needs now but will check into this blog every now and then to tell you how I’m doing.

Happy SEO trails to you,

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Day 29: SEO and Google+

Hi friends,

SEO and Google+, what does their future hold? It’s too soon to tell but if I were a business, I’d start using Google+when they allow businesses to because:

  1. Your business will look like the lionhearted pioneer that you are when you were one of the first businesses to use Google+ before it skyrocketed into success, if it skyrockets.
  2. Your business will look like the lionhearted pioneer that you are for trying out Google+ if it failed, if it fails.

Both show you’re not afraid to know when to take a chance.

This week’s shown that Google+ may be taking a bite of Facebook, with reports of their member usage letting up and a privacy overhaul that eerily resembles some of Google+’s privacy methods.

My mom brought up a great point this Sunday when she told me Google+ and Facebook are neck and neck with younger generations. Even though Google+ is two months old and only allows users to be 18 or older, if both sites stick around, future generations won’t know of a time when there was only Facebook. Older generations may find Google+ to be young and small right now but that’s only for this time period. Size and age can be relative factors to some special products and services.

Time and capitalism will tell how Google+ affects SEO, if it will at all.

Thanks for reading,


PS Watch this great video with SEO sensei discussing how SEO and Google+ could play out.

Disclaimer: I’ve been on Google+ for two weeks now and I must say I like it more than Facebook. It’s cleaner and connecting with others is smoother. It seems like Google+ wants to connect users with other users more than Facebook does right now. Don’t be shy, add me, John Wiehe, to your circles if you’d like after reading.

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