Day 23: My SEO Mobility


I’ve meant to SEO my site for mobile devices (Smartphones, tablets, etc.) since the first week but really need to make haste after Google bought Motorola Mobility this Monday. This is gargantuan news for technology, business, and distinctly SEO. Apple and their iOS now have some hardy competition. People search everywhere they are now. Look outside your window, into any store, even out your windshield and see someone with their nose buried in a Wi-Fied hand-held device. On top of that observation, look how many people you see are under the age of 30, golly, even under 18; my guess is the majority. Right now is only the base camp as society gears up to reach the summit of mobile technology. Just think about what people search for on hand-held devices:

  • Businesses
  • Business reviews
  • Contact information
  • Maps
  • Social networks
  • Charities
  • News
  • Videos

Mobile SEO has always been rough to set up but it’s so worth it and totally achievable with some elbow grease. A lot of frustrations come from different codings between desktops and laptops versus hand-helds but there are worthwhile avenues to smooth them out. Searching also involves sharing and people unable to see my Web site would share just that to others with mobile devices.

Thanks for reading,

PS Double thanks to those somehow reading on a mobile device. I’ve checked my stats and have noticed a few of you out there. I hope I can have a few more once my site is mobile-savvy in the next few days.

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Day 22: A SEO Post About New Posting


Sorry I missed yesterday’s posting. I was too busy reconfiguring my page to the benefit of my SEO (I’ll talk about that tomorrow.)

I want to tell everyone that my shared posts about SEO henceforth will direct you to, not the specific post (such like this.) I’m trapping you guys into that one post and you have to go through more links than you should if I just directed you to my home page. My new posts are always on top. I should’ve known this three weeks ago – better now than never. I’m trying to see how it’ll affect my SEO, especially with readership, traffic and other factors, positively or negatively. I’m hoping for the positive.

Thanks again,

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Day 20: A Quick Post About SEO & Social Media

Social Media Revolution 2011

Hello, hope you’re enjoying your weekend.

I want to share this video from concerning social media since most of my past week involved learning so much about SEO and their connection with social media sites. I’m still trying to read up on the differences between the two and how they come together. I don’t really have an answer right now but it looks like the best method to reaching one is by looking into the computer screen. The answer’s right in front of me.

Thanks for reading,

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Day 18: Social Media Platforms Perturbing My SEO This Week

Sorry friends for the eight-day waiting period.

I’ve missed SEO a lot this week. Discovering and grasping new SEO and social media sites have consumed my week. I thought I’d take a few hours to learn them on Monday but what came out was a week-long deluge of new information, taking away my time to SEO. Just check out the Links section to on the right side of my two-day old Google+. I have eight – ¬°eight! – profiles on the Internet, four of which are within their first week of existence.

Here’s what some sites that aren’t as well-known do:

  • SEOmoz is one of the go-to sites for SEO nerds. It’s a great resource and community for people loving SEO. It’s been my teacher in SEO 101 these past few months and will definitely keep using it.
  • Quora
  • Klout records and analyzes your influence in social media. I’ll use it to help me figure out my social media interactivity outside this blog.
While I’m slightly perturbed at all of these profiles right now, I’ll be happy with them in the long run. They’re really helping me understand social media and how I’ll use them to effectively use SEO.

I’m happy to be back,

PS I hope you’re just as happy for me to be back.

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