Day 22: A SEO Post About New Posting


Sorry I missed yesterday’s posting. I was too busy reconfiguring my page to the benefit of my SEO (I’ll talk about that tomorrow.)

I want to tell everyone that my shared posts about SEO henceforth will direct you to, not the specific post (such like this.) I’m trapping you guys into that one post and you have to go through more links than you should if I just directed you to my home page. My new posts are always on top. I should’ve known this three weeks ago – better now than never. I’m trying to see how it’ll affect my SEO, especially with readership, traffic and other factors, positively or negatively. I’m hoping for the positive.

Thanks again,

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Start-up SEO. Mizzou J-school grad. Eagle Scout. Learn more about me at Google+, +John Wiehe.
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