Day 27: SEO and A Wedding

Hello friends,

Yesterday I went to see my buddy Glen, marry his new wife, Camille, in Hermann, Missouri. The ceremony and reception were awesome. As far as SEO goes, I had my first occasion to talk about SEO face-to-face with friends and strangers, working in SEO or not, which was such a contrast to my past five months (see XYDO, etc., than learn about them to help my communication with others (advertising major FAIL.) SEO and social media are great tactics but I need to start looking for another career if I forget to serve people – friends, grandmas, CEOs, nurses, you – first. Yesterday was a mental note for me that strategically sound advertising and its newest tactics of SEO and social media should always help people first.

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One Response to Day 27: SEO and A Wedding

  1. Luke Neal says:

    It was great to see you at Glen's wedding. Nice work on the blog. Very well done.

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