Why I’d Like A Job In Social Media, Part I

Here are some reasons why I’d like a job in social media:

  • It’s a new technique of showing outthinking is better than outspending, which Fallon proved 30 years ago.
  • The Internet is open for business 24/7, worldwide.
  • All businesses – business-to-business, business-to-customers and nonprofits – are able to send their messages through social media.
  • I knew how to use computers and the Internet before I learned the four principles of advertising in college. Now I can combine both loves. 
  • It’s focuses more on communication than technology.
    • Ink didn’t create newspapers and TV sets didn’t create newscasts, journalists – humans – did.
  • Younger generations use the Internet and can possibly keep using it until retirement and beyond.
    • Elementary to college students use it for education, as well as entertainment. Students use search engines, Wikipedia, YouTube and other online avenues as previous generations used libraries, encyclopedias, etc.
    • New infants and babies could learn the three Rs through social media before they learn them in a classroom as new parents are presenting their babies and infants in social media avenues.
  • I’m using social media to learn how to find a job in social media.
  • Social media is more than just a tactic of advertising.
  • All social media users are collaborators.
  • The stories I’ve learned about social media draw me in and I want to tell more and new stories about it in the future.
That’s that for my first post. My next post will be more about my talents and how I’d like to use them in social media.

About John Wiehe

Start-up SEO. Mizzou J-school grad. Eagle Scout. Learn more about me at Google+, +John Wiehe.
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