Day Eleven: My SEO Career Is Just Around The Corner

Happy Thursday, everyone,

I wish I could only blog/brainstorm as fantastically as Seth Godin does. This post of his from this Tuesday captured my experience with SEO these past four months and certainly the past eleven days of blogging about it.

I’m the type of person whose posture borders between mega-inquisitive and stalking when it comes to subjects I love. Now I’ve found a subject/hobby I can turn into a career and it is glorious.

Five months ago I only knew what SEO was from Wikipedia.
Four months ago I began to gain a better understanding of SEO.
Three months ago I began gleaning any and all info I search for involving SEO.
Two weeks ago I decided to start up this blog chronicling my salad days of SEO.
Last week two businesses gave me the opportunity and their trust to let me SEO their Web sites.

I’m leaning in the door of the house of SEO and if I follow the great instruction I’ve gained these four months in the upcoming months, SEO will let me in.

Thanks for reading,

PS I’ll won’t post days 12-14 because I’ll be in Dallas for a friend’s wedding but will definitely return on day 15. See you all Monday.

About John Wiehe

Start-up SEO. Mizzou J-school grad. Eagle Scout. Learn more about me at Google+, +John Wiehe.
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2 Responses to Day Eleven: My SEO Career Is Just Around The Corner

  1. Austin says:

    Congratulations John! I'm proud of you for going out, being proactive, and getting what you want. Trust me, hard work ALWAYS pays off. You're the man!

  2. John Wiehe says:

    Thanks for the encouragement, Austin. I'm excited to see where SEO will take me!

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