SEO and Super Bowl Advertising

I reaffirmed my love for SEO after watching the horrendous Super Bowl commercials last night. Without a doubt the worst Super Bowl commercials I’ve ever seen. I hope SEO for the companies advertising was much better.

I noticed the last few seconds of almost every commercial last night contained a Web address – the company’s or their Facebook profile – or a Twitter hash tag. This tactic generates Web traffic but I wish they would devote more time to their presence on the Internet if they feel the need to include it in their $3 million TV commercial.

I love SEO because it allows me to write but more importantly, it allows me to dive in to the nitty-gritty of advertising.  I don’t care about killing vampiresJerry Seinfeld or Ferris Bueller’s Day OffCorrection – I care about them when they aren’t selling cars and are kept in their respective heydays. This era of advertising has the most options making your brand known – newspapers, magazines, TV, laptops, mobile devices, guerilla marketing, etc. All of these possibilities lower the time to create impact for your company. They also create a need and opportunity for relevancy due to the increased amount of channels to connect your company. SEOs must make searching snappy and relevant at the peril of losing brand awareness and value.

2012 isn’t the first year Super Bowl advertising and commercials have vexed me*; it’s just the first year where I know SEO and the conduit it brings in to this generation of advertising.

*Please read my past rants on advertising in Super Bowls in these two posts:

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