Remember, Local SEO Is On The Big Data Map

Don Tapscott

It [big data] means that if we have all this data we can really understand customers and other people and we can push stuff at them more effectively. I think that’s the wrong paradigm. This is not an information age. It’s an age of network intelligence and one of collaboration.

Local SEO is a part of Big Data.
Big, bad Big Data.

Big data is great but I have been guilty of paying more attention to it over local SEO recently. Local SEO and big data are not separate entities. In fact they help out each other. The information we are learning about search in big data is prodigious. Lately its massive information has caused me to overlook local SEO because:

  • Local SEO can not target the entire world.
  • Searches with local intent help add the need for local SEOs to smartly use big data.

Big data helps us create, maintain and improve relevance to answer local searchers’ questions of local businessesBig data’s vast information can give SEOs some pointers on how to create intelligent and relevant content. Search engines and searchers love information. Our responsibility is to make it easiest for them to best understand the information found in our content. Their best interpretation of our content best answers our searchers’ inquiries. We need to make the most of this to better target local customers, not the entire world.

When you find out someone shares one of your SEO obsessions.Big data is awesome at giving information about communication. I believe SEO is one of the most effective advertising forms because it measures and analyzes the intelligence and collaboration found in organic communication between customers and clients. Big data shows who shares our obsessions. People in local communities are searching for products and services sometimes before knowing a business exists. SEOs need to share their client’s obsession about their product or service to customers, both new and returning. Clients need to give their information in an intelligent form to show customers their shared passions, creating relevant communication.

As Don Tapscott said, we live in the age of intelligence and collaboration. SEOs need to collaborate with clients to showcase their intelligent relevancy to their customers. SEO is more than just increasing visibility and rankings. It is now about increasing intelligence and collaboration between clients and customers through organic communication.

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