My First SEO Tools for Keyword SERP Analysis

My first SEO tools to freshen up Veterans United’s Keyword SERP Analysis are Open Site Explorer from Moz and Site Explorer from Majestic SEO. They have tools within themselves adding to the whole of their functions. Their main functions are to access link profiles from pages and domains on the Internet. They’ve helped me a lot this past week and thought I’d give a my own analysis of the four functions of the tools.

I’m updating our analysis to see how we compare with our competition but also with ourselves. is our main domain but also one of, if not, our youngest. We’ve changed and improved a lot since our last analysis. Open Site Explorer and Site Explorer are helping me review where we’ve come from and where we’d like to go.

Moz and Majestic SEO give the best SEO tools for such analysis. Within those SEO tools are four components defined below.

Page Authority

Page Authority calculates how well a Web page is likely to rank in Google’s search results.

An example of a Web page is

Domain Authority

Domain Authority predicts how well a Web domain will perform in search engine rankings.

An example of a domain is:

Citation Flow

Citation Flow analyzes the number of citations to a given page. A citation is a Web page linking to your Web page.

Trust Flow

Trust Flow examines and weighs the number of clicks from a seed set of trusted sites to a Web page or domain.

Tim Taylor and Al Borland use power tools, not SEO tools.
Hard hats and beards are optional.

Now that you’re caught up to speed about my first SEO tools, I feel I should offer some helpful advice I wish I had known earlier. Here are some tips if you decide to analyze SERPS with your targeted keywords and phrases with your own SEO tools:

Page Authority:

  • Page Authority only includes link signals and keyword-agnostic ones at that. It doesn’t use any anchor text signals.
  • Search engines use a plethora of signals like text, links, social, etc. Keep calm and analyze on. Your page can have a higher Page Authority than your competition but they can still outrank you for example. SEO tools aren’t a substitute for actual algorithmic search engines.
  • Page Authority has Domain-Authority-esque metrics because pages must live on a domain.
  • Page Authority isn’t a perfect KPI. Algorithms change. The Internet changes. SEOs change. People change. All of this changing helps us compare old and new Keyword SERP analysis to improve ourselves.

Flow Metrics (Citation & Trust Flow):

  • Higher-quality Citation Flow moves to the right on the graph.
  • Higher-quality Trust Flow moves to the top of the graph.
  • The better link profile you have, the more purple your graph will be.
  • Internal and external links are factored in Citation and Trust Flow.

My last advice:

  • Make sure your most important pages are ranking well for their targeted keywords and key phrases.
  • Use both tools from Moz and Majestic SEO. Both are different but both are good and want to bring out the best on the Internet.
  • Your own brain is the best of the SEO tools.

What do you use? Please comment if I’m missing something you use.

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