Day Four: How I’d Best Explain SEO

Forgive me for giving an explanation of SEO, Search Engine Optimization, four days into my 30-day challenge. I may have never have without this message below:

Asking for SEO
Melissa Pleading for A Good Definition Of SEO

By good fortune, here’s an attempt of explaining SEO from a guy a few month’s into it:

SEO is dramatizing the benefit of a company’s product or service
to their target audience through the Internet.

Search engine optimization helps companies find customers and customers find companies through each others’ Web presence. It should improve a company’s visibility and trust to their target audience on the Internet and social media. I view SEO as another arm of advertising, following print, TV and radio. I also believe SEO’s the best form of advertising – more on that at a later post.

Thanks for reading,

PS If you’d like to find explanations from others just search three letters, SEO. Or if you know of a better one, please, please, please do not hesitate to comment below.

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